With years of experience in blogging and closely working with digital marketing teams, Bhaskar S Kumar founded dmunion.in. DMUNION stands for Digital Marketing Union. As the name suggests, DMUNION’s niche is online promotion with a motive to connect the bloggers with the advertisers.

What we do

At DMUNION, we follow a simple format of gathering bloggers list and connect them to the clients who wish to avail their services. While the bloggers earn money, we are committed to not to charge the bloggers a penny. Not only this, we also pay a percentage of our revenue to the select participating bloggers as a token of appreciation. This is where dmunion.in stands apart.

Your privacy

This is a professionally run blog with a set of protocols to safeguard the privacies of those who connect with dmunion.  We will not share any information of either bloggers or the advertisers without email approvals from both.

Work with us

To keep this blog live, we accept guest post from the bloggers. The best part is, we buy a drink for them.  Keep visiting our bulletin to follow the guest post announcements. As of now, we pay only to the bloggers residing in India through UPI. We will open up more options as we grow.

Journey Together

Come let us grow together. 
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