If you are thinking that blogging is outdated, trust me, it is not yet. Blogging is still valid and there are millions of bloggers who are making a decent income. Experts have to say that the methodology of blogging has changed and you have to adopt to the change to succeed.

Bloggers can earn $1000 per month easily.

Blogging Money

Here’s what I learnt after watching an interview of Pritam Nigrale – Note, he started affiliate marketing in 2003 and became a fulltime blogger in 2009. It is wise to take some advice from him. Isn’t it?

Making money by blogging is still relevant in 2020. However, the ways of blogging have changed dramatically, the strategies have changed.

Many people are of the opinion that video consumption is more when compared to text content and that has affected blogging. It is true that people see more videos but it has not affected blogging to the extent what we presume.
At one point of time, Pritam Nigrale says the “topics” are not the same when it comes to blog content and video content. I partially don’t agree with this statement as the topics can be same for both blog and video contents. Think about cooking, recipes etc.

I must say that some contents are best read in a blog than viewed on a video. The information can be best described in a blog than spoken on a video. Video is good for entertainment but nothing can beat blogging when it comes to educating. So always blog to educate and not to entertain!

It is true that people love to see video more than reading content. However, it is also true that people still search in Google for information. For entertainment, they will stick to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Think about it.

When you Google something, you will see several videos because Google wants people to consume more videos. However, this is not going to impact blogging.

Video has been there for a while and people have been telling that blogging is dead, SEO is dead since many years. But even today, there are bloggers who earn millions of dollars per month.

How bloggers are earning millions of dollars every month?

Successful bloggers are adopting to changing trends. They have changed the strategies, they publish content that is in-depth and high in quality.

Google updates search algorithms regularly and is trying to know who is the best. All scrape articles will not sustain on the top for longer time. Only those who publish in-depth articles in a regular interval will succeed.

I will say in every post that “Niche blog rules.” Starting a blog with “general topics” or “random posts” is a waste of time.

Competition is there in the blogosphere and it is tuff for people who are lazy, who are not serious about blogging. Competition will favor you if you are serious about blogging, if you publish in-depth and quality contents and in regular intervals.

Be authoritative and publish value contents to raise above the competition. Always plan and execute.

Making money from Blogs

Ninety-nine percent of the people start blogging to earn money and most of them wants to earn money immediately. This is a disastrous wish!

Beginners will require a hell lot of time to make money blogging because you got to learn a lot of stuff. You will require at least one year to six months more. The same is true with other platforms such as YouTube, Instagram etc.

While you blog, you will have to learn and this is how bloggers succeed. If you don’t spend time learning, you will be out of the game very soon.

Learning is an integral part of blogging and you cannot avoid it. You will learn a lot by doing mistakes. So don’t wait to learn completely and then start blogging. This makes no sense. You should start now! Decide your niche and a blogging platform and get going.

Forget about money and think about scaling up your blog. Think about great contents – quality and in-depth content matters a lot.

Blogging ideas

You can give a lot of ideas to somebody who seeks your advice. When you think for yourself, the ideas seem to be exhausted. There should be something that interests you a lot, that you will not get bored at all, that you will feel good when writing about it. Writing about your girlfriends can put you in trouble. There is no dearth for topics, decide on the best that favors you.

Bloggers can earn $1000 a month but this is not limit. An AdSense account will give you this much money! The money is huge when you also do affiliate marketing.

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