How to start a blog
How to start a blog?

In this post, you will learn how to start a blog. This article is good for those who are brand new to the blogging world.

Here's what you should do to learn blogging

  1. Don’t invest for a blogging setup yet, not even a penny
  2. Try several free blogging platforms 
  3. Find the “best blogging platform” yourself
  4. Decide your “Niche” 
  5. Create a plan
  6. Work out a budgeth
  7. Scale up your blog

Don’t invest for a blogging setup yet, not even a penny

There is no point in spending money to setup a blog without knowing “how to start a blog.” You will require at least a minimum of six months’ period to understand and take decisions about your blogging career.

Try several free blogging platforms 

There are several blogging platforms available for you and you can “start for free” with most of them. Your blog name will be a sub-domain though. The domain name comes with the cost that you can decide later.

Find the best blogging platform for yourself

Choose the best blogging platform yourself. There are several of them and are best in their own rights. Practice with as many as you can, publish two or three posts in each platform. You will, of course, choose the right one for yourself.

The internet is full of expert bloggers giving out tons of information. They know the best but their suggestion may not favor you. So try yourself and find out. I suggest no shortcuts here!

Decide you niche 

The word niche is used immensely in the blogging world. According to, niche means “a job or position that is very suitable for someone, especially one that they like: he has carved a niche for himself as a financial advisor." 

Don’t bother much about the meaning, just think about a topic that interests you a lot and start blogging about it.

Create a plan

People blog for various reasons like for fun, to share ideas, recipes, news etc. Some get into blogging career to make money and eventually end up creating a big company. Think about Mashable and and write a plan for your company.

Work out a budget

As you gain blogging experience and plan to scale up your blog, investment comes into picture. You will have to subscribe for a domain name and buy a hosting plan. Choosing the right service provider might put you in a tough situation.

Scale up your blog

Blogging is not only about making money, it is about your career. With the right knowledge and experience, you can build a big publishing house. So why not try?

How to start a blog?

It takes only a few weeks of experience for anybody to teach somebody “how to start a blog”. However, a successful blog is not only about publishing, a lot of ideas and hard work goes into it. This blog is all about it.

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