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Old blogging practices and strategies are dead longtime ago. If you want to be a successful blogger, you have to evolve to stay relevant. The people and Google are getting better and better in recognizing the real experts.

Review your blogging strategies 

  1. Publishing more & more posts to gain traffic is not a good idea
  2. Personal blogging has no future
  3. Avoid generic blogging 
  4. Click bait headlines is no good

Publishing more & more posts to get traffic is not a good idea

Not everybody will agree but posting “more and more” to increase traffic may not be a good idea. Try writing a high quality posts on a topic instead of making bunch of random posts that are interrelated and not in-depth.

According to, the internet is full of theories as to how you can raise your post’s visibility in search rankings: none will contest that original, high-quality content with a few well-chosen tags is the best way to get started. This makes sense, so don’t post unless it is awesome and post regularly.

Personal blogging is out of trend

There were the days when people blogged about their personal stuff say about their kids, what they ate and how they were feeling. This may not interest to the viewers anymore. Personal updates are now moved to social media and people like it there for all sorts of entertainment.

Avoid generic blogging

Blogging about multiple topics will not only confuse your audience but also makes you exhausted. As an individual, it is very difficult to blog about varied topics. Always focus on your favorite niche in which you can spend time to research and blog about it.

Clickbait posts are no good

The internet community knows and most importantly Google knows that clickbait articles is not original. It is a false advertisement designed to attract attention and entice users to follow the links that gives out no value. So don’t divert your intelligence to clickbait posts, instead, aim for original and in-depth articles.

Be realistic in your blog

  1. Blog to educate, to give out some value information
  2. Become a subject matter expert

Blog to educate, give out some value information

If people want entertainment, they go to social media. If people want information, they search Google. So blog to educate and not to entertain. Give them in-depth information about whatever niche you are interested in.

Become a “Subject Matter Expert” 

A subject matter expert or SME is a person who is an authority in a particular area or topic. For a successful blogging career, you need to be expert in whatever niche you are blogging in. Think about it.

These are some basic information that every blogger should know. Blogging is not dead, it is alive but the trends have changed. You cannot continue old practices & strategies and stand out. You have to evolve in order to be relevant.

Tips from Create & Go 

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