DM means “Digital Marketing” and DM Union means “Digital Marketing Union.” The plan was to learn and blog about latest trends in Digital Marketing Business. The domain was registered during March 2019 and abandoned until the domain was auto-renewed in March 2020.

The COVID-19 or the Novel Coronavirus epidemic surprised the world with its ability to spread stealthily and rapidly. The central and state governments in India proposed corporates to allow its employees to work from home.

I too worked from home and had ample time to repair this blog and get it going. I want to do two things with this blog 1) Encourage bloggers and social media influencers to do what they are doing and 2) Connect the bloggers and influencers to the corporate brands to create a win-win situation with respect to Digital Marketing Campaigns.

The plan is very simple – connecting the bloggers and influencers with the corporate brands. This is no brainer, there are several people doing this. There are companies with good number of employees who are doing this. There is a huge investment too.

I’m passionate about blogging, online advertising and the most important thing “Coordination”. I work offline too to close the deal for you!